Why it matters

Your support keeps the FREE in Wellington Free Ambulance!

Wellington Free Ambulance is the only emergency ambulance service for Greater Wellington and Wairarapa, providing emergency support for tens of thousands of people each year all across the region.

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of our community, and funding from the Government, our service remains uniquely free to anyone who needs us 24/7, 365 days a year.

We can only maintain a free service because of our community.

Each year we must raise over $7million from fundraising - like Onesie Appeal.

Our Annual Onesie Appeal is the biggest community fundraiser of the year.

Will you be one of the one-derful supporters of Onesie in 2023?

Your donation will help buy vital equipment like...


Blood glucose monitor - to measure blood sugar.


A splint kit - used to stabilise a range of injuries.


Trauma bag - to stabilise a patient with traumatic injuries.


Electronic thermometer - used with almost every patient.

You’ll be helping people like...

Patient story - Riley


On Tuesday 11 April 2023, a tornado ripped through Paraparaumu, lifting off roofs and damaging powerlines. It also lifted, then dropped and destroyed, the sleep-out that 16-year-old Rhiley was asleep in.

Rhiley's mum Jade explains, “I know it sounds strange, call it mother’s instinct, but I knew immediately Rhiley was hurt. I grabbed Riley's brother Cooper from his room and ran to the front door, where Rhiley already was.”

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Patient story - Evelyn


In November 2018, Evelyn was just five years old when she took a tumble out of the parked family car and hit her head on the car door. With blood everywhere and a visible, “very open” head wound, her mum Mary could see straightaway, “it would be a hospital job”.

Five years on from her Wellington Free Ambulance experience, Evelyn has become one of our most dedicated community fundraisers, raising vital funds every year to support us.

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Why is it Onesie?

We call it Onesie because we are the ONE’s (111) for Greater Wellington and Wairarapa, the only ambulance service in our region and the only ambulance service in New Zealand that is free.

Each year we aim to raise over $200,000 to support our services through this appeal. People can donate online, sign up to fundraise, and get their friends, family and whānau to support them (great for businesses and schools), or give to one of our volunteers during the street collection.

Whatever you choose to do, we are grateful for your support. Everything you raise or donate goes towards keeping our ambulance service free of charge for anyone who needs us.

Please donate today

Everything you give supports your current community, friends, family and whanau as well as ensuring we are here for generations to come.

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