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How it works

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Sign up

Invite your family, friends and work mates to join you

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Wear a onesie

Wear it on the bus, at a meeting or walking the dog

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Raise money

Plan an activity and tell everyone what you're doing

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Make a donation and support Wellington Free

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Keep us free

All donations help care for people in your community

Why Onesie Day?

Onesie Day is Wellington Free Ambulance's annual appeal to raise money and help keep our emergency ambulance service free to everyone who needs us. It celebrates us being the only emergency ambulance service for Greater Wellington and Wairarapa and the only ones in New Zealand who are free.

We answer 107,000 calls for help and respond to 58,000 incidents every year. We look after 1 in 10 of your friends and family, ensuring we provide the best possible care to all those who need us.

Onesie Day encourages you to get involved by wearing a onesie, raising money and helping support your emergency ambulance service.

Take part at school, work or with friends and family. Ride the school bus in your onesie, go to a meeting in your onesie or even walk the dog in your onesie! You don't have to do it on 4 September, pick a day that suits you!

Join our event on Facebook and share with your friends and family to let them know what you're doing to support Wellington Free Ambulance this Onesie Day.

This year's onesie-ful heroes!

This year we have four great onesie-ful heroes celebrating Onesie Day with us!

Tommy’s Real Estate; ever-committed to their local community, Emma and Troy both thankful for the care they received from Wellington Free Ambulance when they needed us most, and Luke our avid fundraising supporter and champion of Onesie Day.

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Tommy's Real Estate

Tommy’s Real Estate is supporting local now more than ever and continues their successful partnership with Wellington Free Ambulance.

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1370 Wfa Onesie Day 2020 Heroimage2


Emma will never forget the paramedics who saved her life when a walk in the park with her dog, left her with life threatening injuries.

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1370 Wfa Onesie Day 2020 Heroimage3


Curiosity lead to a frightening experience for six-year-old Troy when he was kicked in the face by a horse.

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1370 Wfa Onesie Day 2020 Heroimage4


For three years Luke has been an avid supporter of Onesie Day, generously supporting Wellington Free Ambulance.

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Avatar Name Raised
Thorndon New World $19,500
James Copeland $1,823
New World Kapiti $1,812
Luke Butler $1,747
Troy Hicks $1,363
Phil Mears $1,334
Durgen Burger $922
Nina Rose $897
Eastern Hutt School $755
Khandu Patel $751
Avatar Name Raised
Z Champions $2,272
Team Datacom $2,062
Selling Sunset $1,839
Jiminy Cricket $1,823
Team 4 Rent $1,433
Taupo Biker Crew $1,399
One Shade of Green $1,229
Barbie and Ken $1,184
Seymours $1,000
FNZ $892
Avatar Name Raised
Tommy's Real Estate $10,340