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Wearing a Onesie is optional.

Totally up to you if you want to wear a Oneise.
You are a fantastic supporter with or without a Onesie!

(It's called Onesie - because we are the 111's for Greater Wellington and Wairarapa.)

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What is the Onesie Appeal?

Onesie Appeal is Wellington Free Ambulance’s biggest community fundraising event held in September each year.

1476 Wfa Onesie Appeal Lockup 2022 Date

It kicks off with Onesie Day on September 2 and runs through to the 9th. Onesie Day is focused on schools and businesses who wish to dress up in Onesies and show their support by making a donation.

Anyone can participate and donate to our Onesie Appeal - so don't worry if dressing up in a Onesie is not your thing!

We call it Onesie because we are the ONE’s (111) for Greater Wellington and Wairarapa, the only ambulance service in our region and the only ambulance service in New Zealand that is free.

Each year we aim to raise over $250,000 to support our services through this appeal. You can sign up, create your own fundraising page, get your friends, family, or workmates to support you, or simply make a donation. Whatever works for you.

We are very fortunate that schools across the region really get into the Onesie idea and encourage their students to wear a Onesie and bring a donation to school to support Wellington Free on Friday 2 September.

Whatever you choose to do, we are grateful for your support. Everything you raise or donate goes towards keeping our ambulance service free of charge for anyone who needs us.

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