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**Registrations open July 2024**

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Step 1

Sign up and create your own fundraising page.
This can be for yourself, your school or business.

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Step 2

Share your page with friends, family and colleagues.
The more you ask people to support you and Wellington Free, the quicker you'll reach your target.

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Step 3

Keep that fundraising going knowing you are helping to keep the FREE in Wellington Free Ambulance.

Sign ups will open again in July 2024.

You make a difference

Meet Jarrod - Patient Transfer Officer

Meet Toni - Dispatcher

Meet Jess - Paramedic

Funds raised during Onesie 2023 have helped to buy vital equipment like:


Blood glucose monitor - to measure blood sugar.


A splint kit - used to stabilise a range of injuries.


Trauma bag - to stabilise a patient with traumatic injuries.


Electronic thermometer - used with almost every patient.

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Everything you give supports your community, friends, family and whānau, as well as ensuring we are here for generations to come.

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