How you help

We think our supporters are extraordinary, as they help us to pay for the ordinary things that ensure that our paramedics are ready to respond to any medical emergency.

From bandages to medical equipment, medication to stretchers through to fuel, oil and tyres for our ambulances, your support means we can continue to provide urgent medical attention to those who need our help.

It is because of your support that we are able to answer each and every call and send paramedics when we are needed. Your fundraising efforts help us to plan ahead and care for the thousands of people from the Greater Wellington and Wairarapa region who need our help each year. We respond to all medical emergencies from cardiac arrest to respiratory distress and everything in between. The equipment and supplies we need to respond to these events are essential and can vary depending on the emergency; your support helps us to be here for you and arrive with what we need.

To understand what your fundraised money will go towards, here is a list of the types of equipment our crews use everyday to ensure the best possible care for all our patients:

  • $18.30 – the cost of one child’s oxygen mask
  • $256.87 – the cost to completely restock a trauma bag which is filled with supplies to help with falls and injuries
  • $698 – the cost of a oxygen regulator, used when treating patient who are having difficulty breathing
  • $1,045 – the cost of a spinal splint to keep a patients spine and neck straight when they have been involved in an accident