Fundraising Tips

Be the one-sie this Onesie Appeal!

The Wellington Free Ambulance Onesie Appeal is all about having fun, celebrating our one-of-a-kindness and raising funds for Wellington Free Ambulance. All funds that you raise during the Oneise Appeal go towards keeping our services free to the people of Greater Wellington and Wairarapa.

As an essential health service we receive the majority of our funding from Government and ACC but have to raise around $7Million from the community to keep our services free.

Everyone who donates and spends time raising funds for Wellington Free Ambulance is contributing to saving lives free of charge.

How you want to get involved is entirely up to you. To help get you started we have some handy fundraising tips below.

1. Back yourself

Donate to you. When you believe in yourself others will too; inspire potential donors with your Onesie targets, and your commitment to raising funds. Back yourself and donate now.

2. Gather your people

Plan fundraising activities at your workplace or school. We have a huge range of publicity materials to help raise awareness for the amazing work you are doing. Share your own fundraising link with friends, colleagues and family. They will want to support you as well as Wellington Free Ambulance. Fundraising as a team for a great cause is an awesome opportunity to engage in shared experiences, have fun and instil a sense of pride. Invite people to join your team and get involved.

3. Plan your fundraising activities

How you fundraise for the Onesie Appeal is entirely up to you; the options are limitless. See below for fundraising Ideas to help get you started:

  • Take the 10k a day challenge – our paramedics walk on average 10,000 steps a day per shift, challenge yourself or your team to walk 10,000 steps a day in the lead up to Onesie Day; ask people to sponsor you.
  • Hold a gold coin mufti day – encourage everyone to wear their Onesie and ask for a donation.
  • Give it up for Wellington Free Ambulance – give up your favourite vice for a day, week, or month and ask your friends and family to sponsor you.
  • Take the 30 day challenge - the Peoples Ambulance travels 277km on average a day, get your team together or go it alone to walk or run 277km in 30 days.

4. Spread the word

Make your fundraising for Wellington Free all you talk about! Share your plans with friends, family and colleagues, post on social media and direct your supporters to your fundraising page.

  • Download some of our great resources - social media is extremely powerful and a great way to get your target and spread the word
  • Educate your supporters on the WHY of Onesie - help them understand how important Wellington Free Ambulance is so they can support.
  • Tell them Wellington Free are the only free ambulance service in the Southern Hemisphere
    • We have been providing the emergency ambulance service since 1927 - celebrating 95 years of service this year.
    • We answer more than 151,000 emergency 111 calls for help each year and respond to over 51,000 people who need us.
  • Tell them how the money raised will help keep our wheels turning and what a huge difference their donation makes.
  • Visit and share the Wellington Free Ambulance website,

5. Say “thank you!”

Say thank you to everyone who has supported you this Onesie Appeal. Let your sponsors know how much you appreciate their contributions and how their collective support helps make this a success.

For everything Onesie Day contact us at [email protected] or 0508 932 3733.